“Usage of Firewall Technology in Web Application Security”

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Kamlesh Malpani


At present, the firewall has become the world's most widely used network security products. Firewall technology as secure ecommerce
activities, information security, the first effective barrier by more and more attention. In the Internet network and an internal network
set up between the barriers and prevent hacker access to the internal network, secure access by users to develop strategies to resist a variety of
invasive isolation techniques. Especially for today's largest networks - the Internet, are vulnerable to malicious attacks people with ulterior
motives and destruction. In this paper, firewall concepts and techniques starting a detailed analysis of the firewall functionality and to ensure the
safety of their different methods of research were classified. With the continuous development of e-commerce, network security firewall
technology will play more important aspects of the role and value.

Keywords: Network Security, E-commerce, Packet filtering.


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