Managing Risk in E-commerce Security

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Abhishek Khare


Risk of E-commerce is an important basic research in the information security. It is one of the front subjects in IT field. In this Paper,
risk factors and its possibility happening in E-commerce has been discerned, analyzed and evaluated. Most of risk factor in E-commerce is
uncertain and fuzzy and its risk is difficult to be calculated. Technology has moved to Web Services programming, complicating the abstractness
of project management. Standardization, as in the case of Web services is the need of the hour, viz. Simple Object Access Protocol-enabled
applications, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol communicability etc, thus increasing the vulnerability of basic concepts in distribution designs. This
again contributes to the risk factor in e-commerce projects. In this paper we have explored the major risks associated while doing business over
internet and suggested remedies for the same. As businesses grow increasingly dependent upon Web applications, these complex entities grow
more difficult to secure. Most companies equip their Web sites with firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and network and host security, but
the majority of attacks are on applications themselves – and these technologies cannot prevent them.

Keywords: E-commerce,Audit, Transitory, Encryption,Firewall,Flooding, information security


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