QR Codes and Security Mechanism Using Mobile Phones

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Mr. Sarang A. Kotalwar
Prof. Onkar V. Chandure


Quick Response (QR) Code has been widely used in the automatic identification fields. In order to adapting various sizes, a little dirty
or damaged, and various lighting conditions of bar code image, this paper proposes a novel implementation of real-time Quick Response Code
recognition using mobile, which is an efficient technology used for data transferring. An image processing system based on mobile is described
to be able to binaries, locate, segment, and decode the QR Code Which indicate that these algorithms are robust to real world scene image.
In order to adapting various sizes, various gray level values, and under various lighting conditions of real bar code image, a high-speed, highaccuracy
Binarization method is developed, which can locate the finder pattern accurately and integrate the local thresholding method with
global thresholding. Experiments have shown that over 99% barcode can be optimally recognized with the proposed algorithm. Mobile phones
can be made secure with generation & detection of QR code in android base application & with proper flow of information.

Keywords: QR Codes, Security and mobile phone.


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