ID-based Directed Serial Multisignature Scheme from Bilinear Pairings

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Dr.P.Vasudeva Reddy
B.Umaprasada Rao


Directed signature scheme allows only a designated verifier to check the validity of the signature issued to him; and at the time of
trouble or if necessary, any third party can verify the signature with the help of the signer or the designated verifier as well. Due to its merits,
directed signature scheme is widely used in situations where the receiver’s privacy should be protected. A multisignature scheme is digital
signature schemes in which multiple signers are jointly generate a valid signature for an identical message. Based on the nature of applications,
the multisignatures have been categorized into two types: serial and parallel. In this paper, we propose an ID-based Directed Serial Multi
Signature Scheme (ID-DSMS) from bilinear pairings by combining the concept of multisignatures and directed signatures. This scheme allows
multiple signers to generate signatures on a message to a designated verifier such that the designated verifier can directly verify the validity of the
signature issued to him. In case of necessary the designated verifier can prove the validity of the multisignature to any other party. We also prove
that the proposed ID-DSMS scheme is secure against existential forgery under adaptive chosen-message attack and chosen-identity attack in the
random oracle model by assuming that the CDH problem is hard.

Key Words: Multisignature, Directed signature, Bilinear Pairings, ID- based Cryptographic schemes.


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