Impact of Traffic Pattern on Performance of Adhoc Routing Protocols in VANET for Varying Mobility

Vijay Shankar Sharma, Nemi Chand Barwar


This paper aims to study adhoc routing protocols namely AODV, AOMDV, DSR and DSDV under different traffic pattern like
TCP and CBR in VANET environment for varying mobility. The performance of these routing protocols will be evaluated on the basis of
considering the different parameters i.e. average end to end delay, packet delivery ratio, loss packet ratio and throughput. To achieve the
behavior of VANET both pause time and speed parameters are variable. On the basis of number of nodes mobility is classified in three
categories i.e. Low Mobility, Average mobility and High Mobility. On the basis of simulation results carried out using NS 2.35 simulator a
relationship between the mobility pattern and traffic pattern is established.

Keywords: VANET, TCP, CBR, Mobility, E2E Delay, PDR, LPR, Throughput

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