Protocal Usage Model & An Architecture Design for Bluetooth – A Short Range Transaction System

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Virparia Paresh V
Kamani Krunalkumar C,Kathiriya Dhaval, Ghodasara Yogesh


Bluetooth is an open standard specification created to solve a simple problem, replace the cables used on mobile devices with radio
frequency waves. The technology encompasses a simple low-cost, low-power, global radio system for integration into mobile devices. Such
devices can form a quick ad-hoc secure "piconet" and communicate among the connected devices. This technology creates many useful mobile
usage models because the connections can occur while mobile devices are being carried in pockets and briefcases (therefore, there are no line-ofsight
restrictions). This technical paper provides a brief description of some of these usage models and explains how the Bluetooth architecture is
optimized to enable them. The paper also focuses on one of the emerging technologies for constructing a Mobile ad hoc network: Bluetooth.
Bluetooth can be exploited on small scales, to build ad hoc wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN), i.e., networks that connect devices placed
inside a circle with radius of 10 m. The Bluetooth technology is just starting to appear on the market and its architecture and protocols are not
widely known


Keywords: Bluetooth, Scatter nets, Pico net, Routing, Protocol Stack, Connectivity


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