Developing Digital Library: A Model for Kwara State Polytechnic Digital Library

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Raji, Ayodele Kamaldeen
Agboola, Oladiran Matins,Abiodun, Emmanu Abdulrahman, Tosho Abdullahi


Advancement in development of Information and Communication Technology as engendered by invention of Internet has fundamentally altered the ways libraries accomplish their traditional missions of selecting, organizing, preserving, and providing access to information. This paper mainly focuses on planning, designing and management of Digital library. It covers mission and scope, time frame, evaluation, assessment and infrastructures required. The paper also discusses the needs for Digital library, basic facilities to keep the technology functioning and enhancement of user awareness. A Local Area Network (LAN) setup is proposed for Kwara State Polytechnic. Estimated cost of hardware and software requirements is also provided.

Keywords: Digital library, Local Area Network, Hardware and software requirements, Cost implications, Staff


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