The Process of Innovation and Implement Based on Diffusion of Innovation and Innovation Radar

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Ming-Chang Lee
To Chang, Wen-Tien Chang Chien


The time of knowledge economy oncoming, the importance of innovation becomes explicit. However, many enterprises have still not
regard innovation as the key point which the enterprise manages, its execution under used. The reason is enterprise's procedure only limits in the
narrow scope. It’s very easy to lose innovation opportunity. Therefore this research emphasizes the establishment the innovation readiness
levels concept and the process of innovation implement. This level is emphatically concealing the management, the enhancement innovation
process and innovation implementation review. This research procedure is doing from the innovation theory (product life cycle, system
readiness levels and innovation diffusion theory) and case studies to map the innovation readiness levels. This proposed model will also unify
the innovation radar to the innovation process and helps the enterprise develop or improve innovation work. The innovation process draws out
the step of enterprise innovation implementation and its appraisal


Keywords: product life cycle, Innovation readiness levels; innovation radar; innovation diffusion theory


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