An Approach to Conceal Honeypot from Attacker

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Mr. Dharmendra G. Bhatti
Ms. Sonal Bhakta, Ms. Ankita Shah


Honeypots are designed to attract the attackers and gather their information. It can be used to log an attacker’s activities, analyze its behaviour and design new approaches to defend against it. As there is no human user working on the honeypot, there is absence of physical and network activity on it. This can easily provide the identity of the honeypot to the attackers. In order to operate effectively, it is required to conceal the honeypot from the attacker. Thus the attacker will attack on the host without knowing that it is a honeypot, and honeypot can collect more information about the attacker. For concealing the honeypot, here we present honeypot as a normal host by sending dummy files over the network. Generally honeypot does not contain any network traffic. So here we will generate network traffic around honeypot by using dummy files.


Keywords: Conceal Honeypot, Network Security


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