An Automated Consent for Privacy Preservation in Peer to Peer Networks using Agent Technology

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S. Prasanna
K.Govinda, R.Sujatha,


Privacy is a complex and multi-faceted notion, both from social and legal point of view which is interpreted in different ways among
different times, cultures and individual perception. Here in this paper we propose agents based mechanism to make the mobile computing more
popular and safer than before in order to give technological advancement to the users. The transaction of personal data over the internet and for
other services without any notification to the user is a huge compromise with privacy of the person in concern. The Location Based Services
over mobile phones often try to access personal information of the user for their database and thus provide services which are of user’s interest.
The LBS Server is more prone to attack from unauthorized people and therefore the databases including the personal information about the
customers are also equally threatened. This personal data can be easily used to figure out information about the user which he/she does not
intend to disclose. Hence implementing a Privacy Agent in order to make Pervasive Computing more safe and secure so that users can easily
rely on the mobile phones for any kind of transaction whether financial or personal data.


Keywords: privacy agents, pervasive computing, controller agent, auditor agent, data manager.


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