Data Aggregation Security in Wireless Sensor Network

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Pawan Kumar Goel
Dr. Vinit Kumar Sharma


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been an attractive paradigm for pervasive computing oriented applications. Data aggregation is a widely used technique in wireless sensor networks. Data aggregation is the process of summarizing and combining sensor data in order to reduce the amount of data transmission in the network. The security issues, data confidentiality and integrity, in data aggregation become vital when the sensor network is deployed in a hostile environment. So data aggregation process is required which combines the data coming from various sensors, remove the redundancies in those data and then enroot them. But in hostile environment these aggregated data should be protected from several forms of attacks to achieve the security needs (like data confidentiality, data integrity and source authentication). The paper investigates the relationship between security and data aggregation process. In this paper general security issues in WSNs have been explored and we present an extensive study to provide a comprehensive review of the existing secure aggregation schemes for in-network aggregation in wireless sensor networks and analyze possible security threats on them.

Keywords: Data aggregation, WSNs.


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