Hippocampus Segmentation Based On Priori Shape Model with Region Growing From High-Resolution MRI of Post-Mortem Samples

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K. Somasundaram
S. Vijayalakshmi


This paper describes a simple method for segmenting the hippocampus automatically from high-resolution 9.4 Tesla MRI of postmortem samples. Large datasets of high-resolution structural MR images are collected to quantitatively analyze the relationships between brain anatomy, disease progression, treatment regimens, and genetic influences upon brain structure.This method segments the hippocampus without any human intervention for few slices present in the anterior and the posterior position in the total volume. Experimental results using this method show a good agreement with the manuals segmented gold standard.


Keywords: Hippocampus; amygdale; post-mortem; Alzheimer’s disease; neuropathology; morphometry; cornu ammonis; dentate gyrus


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