Cloud Based Health Monitoring System

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Meena jose
Merris mary chacko,Sneha baby thomas, R.K.Nadesh


Health issues and health problem concerns are growing these days. Also the number of patients getting admitted in the hospitals got increased. So to maintain the details of inpatients in a hospital is a tedious task. Hospitals have to save the details of each and every inpatient details. In some cases patients may even have to wait a long time to meet the doctor. Also in the existing scenario if the main doctor is not available then nurse or duty doctors have to call him and ask the queries about the inpatient. Our proposed system is a web based health monitoring system with the help of cloud computing. In our proposed system, nurses or duty doctors will send the details about the inpatient in each hour and doctor will check the details. If any emergency situation occurs a mail will be send to main doctor. Since we are using cloud computing it is not necessary for the hospitals to own large databases. Also nurses can upload inpatient details in each hour and update into the website and concerned doctor will be able to view this.


Keywords: Cloud Computing, Health Monitoring System, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS


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