Towards an Approach of Agricultural Virtual Organizations (AgriVOs) for Sharing and Management of Scientific Research Data

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Mukhtiar Memon
Akhtar A. Jalbani, Mansoor H. Depar, Gordhan D. Menghwar


Since long-time, scientists are using different modes to create, store and present the data in the form of structured tables, images, documents and animations. However, the scientists still rely on the conventional software tools and applications, which are slow and unreliable at the same time. Moreover, the data centers are confined within the organizational boundaries due to policy restrictions and unavailability of proper environment, where data can be shared in a secure and reliable collaborative way. On the other hand the presenttechnological innovations in ICT have brought a dramatic change in sharing, management and presentation of data. These technologies have more power for sharing, analysis and presentation of scientific research data. This paper presentsa solution of using Grid Computing (GC) Technologies for sharing and management of scientific data. GC-enabled networked application environment provides the facility to the scientists not only instantly share the scientific data in research collaborations, but also share the technical infrastructure such as high performance computing facility, huge storage and software application licenses. More importantly, the communication in such an application is secure and reliable to respect the security and privacy of sensitive research data.

Keywords: Research Data Sharing, Grid Computing, Virtual Organization, Resource Sharing, Data Security.


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