E-Governance: an easy way for implementing at rural area in Bangladesh

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Mohammad Jahangir Alam Alam


e-Governance is considered as one of the most significant procedure to get the full benefits of IT and to spread the advantages of IT around the country. Technologically the concept of e-Governance is simple but it has great power to involve the Information Technology for changing the society. Bangladesh government has been gradually implementing e-governance around the country since 2001 but most of this implementation is city centered, so rural people are not getting the benefits of e-governance for many problems. In my paper I have tried to focus the reasons for not getting the benefits of e-governance of rural people and provided a model of e-governance for the rural people of Bangladesh so that they can get the benefit of e-governance.


Keywords: Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Government-to-Business (G2B), Government-to-Government (G2G), Information Technology (IT), Information and communication technologies (ICT), Local Area Networks(LANs), Union Information Service Center (UISC), BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited)


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