QuicX: A light weight protocol for effective communication in Linux Clusters

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Pushpendra Gupta
Ankit Agarwal, Vivekanand Adam


A protocol for efficient communication on clusters of Personal Computers (PCs) using the Linux operating system is proposed. In high performance computing (HPC) cluster systems, the physical transmission time is small compared to the time required to process the TCP/IP protocol stack. In this way protocols such as TCP/IP causes an overhead that represent an important amount of communication cost. The headers added at each layer are insignificant in closed network. Our Light weight protocol can be used for efficient communication in clusters using the Linux operating system. It uses an approach to optimize the communication performance in a cluster of computers different from that of providing a user-level interface that removes the operating system (OS) mediation in the communication path. Thus it reduces memory latencies and increases the bandwidth figures. It provides an optimized OS support to reliable and efficient network software that avoids the TCP/IP protocol stack and unnecessary buffer copies.


Keywords: TCP/IP Protocol, Clusters, Linux OS, Communication Protocol, Buffer Copies.


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