Enhancing the resolution of satellite image by denoising,deblurring and contrast setting

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Sushma Lalwani
Mrs.Uzma Ansari


The subject of obtain high-resolution images from low-resolution images is one of the most important application in digital image processing in recent years, attracting much research .In this work, an effective method for image contrast enhancement is presented with a mapping function, which is a mixture of global and local transformation functions that improve both the brightness and fine details of the input image The global transformation function preserves the overall image brightness and contrast stretching. Whereas, the local transformation function uses to Preserve the edges and fine details of the satellite images. In this paper, resolution algorithm and contrast setting is used to enhance the resolution of satellite images objects in a space. The algorithm proposed in this paper is an automatic algorithm to pre-process such bad focused or corrupted satellite images. It reduces the effect of blur and You can use this document as both an instruction set and and noise and composed of several successive independent processing steps which suppress noise, enhance contrast, preserves the edge and increase the resolution of the image .

Keywords: resolution; denoising; deblurring; constrast setting


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