Analysis of Conflict DoS Attacks Process and Counter Measure on SIP Based VoIP Network

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Md. Ruhul Islam
Dr.Smarajit Ghosh, Nausrat Jahan Ahmed


Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is continuously developing and changing the face of business telephony. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a generally used standard in VoIP communications to setup and tear down phone calls. Amongst various online attacks hampering IT security, Denial of Service (DoS) has the most devastating effects. It has also put great difficulty over the security experts recently, in bringing out successful defense solutions. These attacks could be implemented diversely with a variety of tools and codes. Since there is not a single solution for DoS, this attack has managed to overcome on internet for nearly a decade. Denial-of Service (DoS) attack recently come out as the greatest threat to VoIP systems. Such type of attacks are difficult to detect and capable of realize vulnerabilities in protocols with low rate traffic. In VoIP based network it might be possible to collision on a DoS attack. Therefore must be happened call disruption in between sender and receiver. In this paper we aim to provide conflict of DoS attack and how to counter measure these collision of DoS in SIP based network.

Keywords: VoIP, SIP, IP PBX, DoS attack, RTP;


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