Wireless Information Access System for Registered Vehicles Using SMS

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Okeke, Moses I
Inyiama, H. C.,Okoye Christian. o, Ejiofor V. E


Wireless Database access System for Vehicle Registration Information System is a research aimed at supplying vehicle registration information to authorized personnel such as law enforcement agents wirelessly, anywhere, anytime. Such agencies include; the police, federal road safety commission, and vehicle inspection officers. Rising crime wave in our society today calls for real-time access to important information to enable law enforcement agents take appropriate decisions from their duty posts as necessary. This is the need that this project is designed to serve. The software was developed based on Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology. Visual Basic 6.0 programming environment was used to develop the software, MS-Access database was used to create a sample database, while the interface to wireless devices was achieved by means of Bluetooth, cable and AT-commands. A user can send text codes to indicate his particular need for information. Three text commands namely; informate, descripto and ownerinfo are recognized as the system access codes. Informate is a text command used to retrieve general information about a registered vehicle. Descripto is a command used to obtain the description information about a registered vehicle, while the ownerinfo is used to retrieve information about the owner of a registered vehicle. These three commands were found adequate and easy to use to enable law enforcement agents reach the information they need at any time.

Keywords: Vehicle, SMS, Database, GSM, Information


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