Rethinking of Computing Curricula in Higher Education in Pakistan

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Dr. Muhammad Anwar- ur-Rehman Pasha
Dr. Shaheen Pasha,


Developing & implementing appropriate curricula is a paramount challenge in computing education. To meet this challenge, educators from all over the world are updatingcurriculum ona regular basis.Recently, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has revised the existing curricula of degree programsto standardize computing education in Pakistan. Taking a content analysis approach the studyhas pointed out some shortcomings of the revised curricula.The study recommends that the teaching of over-crowded course contents must be discouraged as it promotes rote learning and inhibits creativity and innovation. Curriculum development processes must be followed to develop an effective curriculum. Also, the curriculum must enrich students’ experiences, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes in their field of study to develop special characteristics and mindset. The recommendations made in this study may help the concerned authorities to take measures to improve the quality and standards of the computing curricula in Pakistan.


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