A Survey on Graph Domination Based Algorithms for Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network

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Ishwar Baidari
Dr H B Walikar, Shreedevi V Shindhe


During the last decade, wireless networks have been an interesting research in wireless computer networks with special attention focused on ad hoc networks (MANETs) in applications such as disaster management, battlefields communication, collaborative computing and any other situation requiring a net work built on demand. Routing protocol is one of the key technologies in MANETs. Efficient routing among a set of mobile hosts is one of the most challenging approach in wireless ad hoc networks. The task of constructions stable and efficient routing algorithm for ad hoc network represents a greater challenge composed to routing in networks based on a fixed and wired infrastructure. Routing based on dominating set (e.g. connected domination, k- domination, d-hop domination etc.,) is a right approach, where the searching technique for a route is reduced to node in the dominating set. We survey different dominating set based routing algorithm for (MANETs) highlighting their objective, features, and complexity.

Keywords: Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Dominating algorithms, routing algorithms, Infrastructure less, CDS,


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