XML Data Mining using XQuery and Improved Apriori Algorithm

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Tabassum N. Mujawar
Subhash K.Shinde, Varunakshi Bhojane


The growing usage of XML technology for data storage has naturally resulted in the pressing need for more suitable tools and techniques to perform mining on XML data. One of the simple methods to mine XML data is probably to transform the data from XML to relations. However, the drawback of this method is: the transformation itself is usually complex and time-consuming. Therefore an alternative approach which can mine XML data without any preprocessing and postprocessing is required. XQuery which is query language for XML satisfies the demand for intelligently querying XML data and hence can be used to mine XML data .The paper presents a framework for mining XML data using XQuery and Association Rule Mining Technique. To improve the shortcomings of classic Apriori algorithm, an improved Apriori algorithm with itemset pruning and transactions trimming is put forward.

Keywords: XML, XQuery, Apriori, association rule mining, transaction reduction, items pruning.


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