Insight into New Color Image Watermarking With DWT-DCT and only DCT with Comparative Analysis in YIQ Color Space

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Baisa L. Gunjal
Suresh N. Mali


The aim of this paper is to present our new technique for Color image watermarking using combine DWT-DCT domain as well as only DCT domain in YIQ Color space. Also our aim is to provide the comparative analysis of combine DWT-DCT domain as well as only DCT domain. Q component was used in YIQ Color space and in DWT domain all middle and high frequency regions i.e. LH, HL and HH regions are tested. In DWT-DCT domain, we got maximum PSNR 67.56, 67.66, 67.57 for HL, LH and HH regions respectively for Jet Plane Image and maximum NC was 0.97 in HH region. But in only-DCT domain, we got PSNR up to 54.12 only. We recommend the DWT-DCT domain than only DCT domain for better results. At the same time, we provide strongly robust and multilayer secured color image watermarking scheme with DWT-DCT domain in YIQ color space

Keywords: Color Space, Conversion, Decomposition, DWT-DCT, Combination, Transparency.


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