Certificate Revocation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with a Threshold value

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CH.Rathan Kumar
K. Sunil kumar, S. Sateesh Reddy


In Mobile Ad hoc NET works (MANETs) certificate revocation play an important role in maintaining networks security. Due to the self-configuring infrastructures less network and dynamic nature, MANETs are defense less to security attacks from malicious nodes. When malicious node certificate is revoked, it is declined from all activities and detached from the network. The main challenge for certificate revocation is to revoke the certificates of malicious nodes promptly and accurately. In this paper, we build upon our previously proposed scheme, a clustering-based certificate revocation scheme, which outperforms other techniques in terms of being able to quickly revoke attacker’s certificates and recover falsely accused certificates. In order to increase the number of malicious nodes in the network leads to decrease the efficiency of certificate revocation scheme. To solve the above problem we propose a new method based on a threshold to ensure sufficient normal nodes to accuse malicious nodes in MANETs.

Keywords: certificate revocation, recovery, clustering, certificate authority, threshold.


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