Image Reconstruction Algorithm Using R-Tree Approach and Delaunay Triangulation

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Rohit Sharma
Sanjiv Kumar Shriwastava, Amit Kumar Shrivastava


To perform image reconstruction, the significant pixels need to be found. For this image segmentation is performed. Image segmentation can be considered as a cluster procedure in feature space. Each cluster can be encapsulated in a bounding box which contains the connected parts of the edges found using edge-detection techniques like canny, sobel or a combination of both. The boxes can further be stored in R-trees using suitable child – parent relationship. In this paper, we will explore to use a combination of canny and sobel edge detection techniques and then store the edges in R-tree to perform image segmentation. Then Delaunay triangulation is performed to produce the reconstructed image.

Keywords: Image Reconstruction, Edge Detection, R-Tree, Delaunay Triangulation


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