Cloud Computing- A Study of its Characteristics, Platforms and Models Deployed in Enterprises of Delhi-NCR Region

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Ms. Palak Gupta


Cloud computing is a booming technology that utilizes internet and central remote servers for applications and data maintenance. It enables businesses and consumers to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with proper Internet access. It allows highly efficient computing by centralizing memory, storage, processing and bandwidth. It implies research in virtualization, distributed computing, networking, utility computing, web and software services. This paper focuses on the technological details, characteristics, deployment models, architecture, services and applications of cloud computing. A detailed study of cloud segments namely, applications, storage and connectivity will be done so as to predict the benefits in shifting from on-premises platforms to cloud platforms thus generating snowball effect and cloud pyramid. . It also involves empirical research using percentage analysis and factor analysis to study the use, impact and need of cloud computing in organizations so as to enhance their competitive intelligence.


Keywords- cloud computing, central remote servers, deployment models, on-premises platforms, virtualization, snowball effect, cloud pyramid.


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