Trends in Hash Partition for Effective Object Data Access in Oracle Object-Oriented Database System

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Clarence J M Tauro
Guruprasanna S,Girish S R, Joby Thomas


Object-oriented database system is a superior model than relational database system, but as the database expands, even simple objects become complicated to handle. Although the more deep hierarchy B tree structure implies that we have good reuse of code but it has awful effects on memory and performance. In this paper we studied performance of B tree over retrieval of objects, effect on time and data sizes. Also we studied Hash partition provides different criteria to split the database and retrieval of the heavy objects using hash partition method in oracle object oriented database this is important for query performance and this paper emphasizes on performance of B-tree vs. Hash portioning.

Keywords: Oracle, OODB, OODBMS, Hash, B-tree


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