Heart Rate Determination with RR Interval and PP Interval Time Series

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Sahil Verma
Ramesh Kumar Sunkaria, Barjinder Singh Saini


The efficient heart rate determination leads to dependable heart health diagnosis. The ECG signal is constituted by P-QRS and T waves. The heart rate is generally determined by detecting R peaks and calculating the RR intervals. This is because R peak has highest amplitude among various wave components of the ECG signal and therefore it is easier to detect the R peak locations. The heart cycle actually starts from P wave , so the PP interval series constitutes the actual heart rate time series. In the present paper the ECG features and the PP series and the corresponding RR time series have been detected and the heart rate was evaluated. The results of heart rate computed using PP and RR time series were compared and the results were in close approximation with each other for various MIT/BIH and fantasia database.


Keywords: Electrocardiogram; QRS complex; P wave; T wave; Threshold detection; PP interval time series; RR interval time series



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