Security Issues Related to E-Assessment: A UML based Approach

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Nikhilesh Barik


Although E-Learning system is one of the most effective applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and gradually becoming popular among the educational Institute, but the backbone of the system E-Assessment is not secure enough in most of the cases. As an effect most of the participants are still very much reluctant to get full fledged support via E-learning. In this paper we outline the security measurement related to E-assessment where assessment can be similar to paper based system. I have used Digital Signature to protect E-assessment documents like Question Papers, Answer sheets etc. and keep on monitoring (e-monitoring) via ICT with VPN, Video conference, etc. Also I will discuss UML based sample Class description, use case diagram and Sequence Diagram to show E-assessment security so that all the participants, Management of the E-learning organization (Institutions / Managers),Authors (Books, Content of subjects),Teachers (Professor etc) and Learners (students) can build trust in their minds for E-Learning system.

Keywords: E-Learning, E-Assessment, E-Learning Security, E-monitoring, Digital Signature, E-Assessment Security.


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