An Efficient Design Framework for Building Alerting Systems to Make Regular tags Intelligent

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Dr JKR Sastry
N. Venkataram,Dr. LSS Reddy, T Sri Lakshmi,K. Sreenivasa Ravi


Many tags exist for identifying the valuable assets of the individuals. Many events takes places in and around the tags including issues such as tampering, change of location of the object, power dissipation etc that need to be monitored and controlled either through human intervention or through a remote management system using handheld devices. The main issue is to alert the user who is either remote or local through beeps, alarms, messages, buzzing etc. Ability of a tag to communicate with remote devices for alerting using communication protocols that works on either side of the HOST and the TAG through a challenge. Existing alerting system doesn’t have the intelligence to identify the environmental changes and communicate to the user. Intelligent alerting system within a tag is necessary to alert either local or a remote user about environmental changes taking place in and around the TAG. . Various types of mechanisms and methods that can be built into a Tag to make it to be intelligent enough to communicate environmental changes either to a local user or remote user are proposed in this paper.

Keywords: Beeping, Buzzing, Alerting, Intelligent Tags, SMS messaging, embedded systems


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