Architecture of X-Band Data Product Generator

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Saurabh Kumar
Rajendran S., Abhishek Kumar


Architecture of X-Band Data Product generator deals with background concepts for development of software for Dual Polarimetric X-Band Doppler Weather Radar (DWR), which is used for weather forecasting. It works on X-Band frequency, and has scan range (radius) of 100 km. Data Product generator is stand-alone offline application, which is exclusively used by scientists. This software generates a set of more than 37 data products (of DWR) from the measurements of DWR Mark-II radar data format, archived in files. DWR provides data file containing information about base products like Reflectivity (Z), Radial velocity (V),Spectrum width (σ).This information is in form of binary data for a set of parameters (time, azimuth and elevation). These base data or derived product can be displayed as image. All data products use various weather forecasting algorithms to generate output. This whole system generates images depicting rainfall or various hydrometers over a geographical area, such images are used for analysis of weather. The proposed system provides user interface through which it can accept DWR data file. This system generates images for the products like Plan position indicator (PPI), rain rate estimation products, hydrometer classification product, etc. The user interface allows user to select products and corresponding parameters. Once the image is generated, it can be saved in storage device.

Keywords: Radar, Data Products, weather forecasting, Doppler Effect, X-Band frequency, Mark-II data


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