Leaf vein segmentation using Odd Gabor filters and morphological operations

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Vini Katyal
Aviral Aviral


Leaf vein forms the basis of leaf characterization and classification. Different species have different leaf vein patterns. It is seen that leaf vein segmentation will help in maintaining a record of all the leaves according to their specific pattern of veins thus provide an effective way to retrieve and store information regarding various plant species in database as well as provide an effective means to characterize plants on the basis of leaf vein structure which is unique for every species. The algorithm proposes a new way of segmentation of leaf veins with the use of Odd Gabor filters and the use of morphological operations for producing a better output. The Odd Gabor filter gives an efficient output and is robust and scalable as compared with the existing techniques as it detects the fine fiber like veins present in leaves much more efficiently.

Keywords: Leaf vein detection, Gabor filter, Morphology.


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