A Priority Based Dynamic Round Robin with Deadline (PBDRRD) Scheduling Algorithm for Hard Real Time Operating System

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Rakesh Mohanty
Shekhar Chandra Pradhan, Swarup Ranjan Behera


In this paper, we have made a comprehensive study of variants of Round Robin (RR) scheduling algorithm existing in the literature for Real Time Operating System (RTOS). As per our knowledge there is no known efficient RR scheduling algorithm for Hard RTOS. Our study has been focused on a recently developed algorithm, known as Priority Based Dynamic Round Robin (PBDRR) scheduling algorithm. We have proposed a novel variant of PBDRR algorithm using deadline, which we call as PBDRRD algorithm. This algorithm can be efficiently used for Hard RTOS. We have made comparative performance evaluation of two algorithms i.e. PBDRR and PBDRRD by considering three cases of the input data set. We have computed the average turnaround time, average waiting time and number of context switches for both the algorithms using Gantt chart. Our experimental results show that performance of PBDRRD algorithm is better than that of PBDRR algorithm in all the three cases.


Keywords: Real Time Operating System, Scheduling, Round Robin, Dynamic Time Quantum, Intelligence Time Slice, Deadline.


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