TR-069 Protocol Stack Development

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Swarnalatha. P
Galla Sobha, M.Anbarasi


TR_069 (short for Technical Report 069) is a CPE (client premise equipment) WAN Management Protocol, intended for communication between a CPE and Auto-Configuration Server (ACS). The CPE WAN Management Protocol defines a mechanism that encompasses secure auto-configuration of a CPE, and also incorporates other CPE management functions into a common framework. The project aims in developing the TR_069 protocol stack by implementing various RPC methods involved in the protocol. TR-069 stack includes twenty RPC methods. At present four RPC methods have been implemented. The scope of project is implementing the RPC’s which are not yet implemented. The project also includes the compliance test of the complete TR-069 protocol stack against TR-069 amendment 3.

Keywords: CPE WAN Management protocol,AutoConfigurationServer(ACS), CustomerPremisesEquipment(CPE) device, RemoteProcedureCall, TR69 stack, DataModel.


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