Non Contact Human Computer Interaction Using Eye Blinks

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Ms. S. Vijiyalakshmi
R.K.Jananee, N.Karthiga Dr. S. Sivasathya


In this paper, a non-contact HCI system for the physically impaired persons is presented. The persons who were paralyzed with some diseases are unable to move their body parts except their eyes. So for those disabled persons this non-contact system is designed with the facility to interact with their eyes. Blink patterns are used to interact with the system to open an application as specified. Eye blinks are the normal action that a person does without any strain; thereby this interaction is applicable for elderly persons also. Simple USB cameras or the web cameras are used to detect the face, to locate the eyes and finally to detect the eye blinks in real time environment. Our experiment says that this system works for static background; the background should not have any moving objects, since the movement of the eye has to be tracked. The eye blink is taken as an action to open an application with using any input device like mouse or keyboard.

Keywords: Blink patterns; eye blink; face detection; HCI (Human Computer Interaction); locating the eyes; cameras; non-contact interaction.


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