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Dr. Reeja S R
Shubhashree N
Chandana A S
Chethana A S
Thanushree D K


The voice chess game is a simple game that plays based on the commands given by the player. Concurrently it is complicated to make decisions while moving the pieces. Voice-Controlled chess is designed for  a person who cannot use their arms, due to their disability or if they are preoccupied with something else, perhaps they can  deliver voice commands to play the game , Our goal is to provide better options for disables.This paper tells us how python libraries are used in chess games.Here the player has few options to choose  the gaming menu, i.e. the player can choose to play the game using mouse clicks or using voice commands. Also the player can choose their opponents. The player can play against the AI nor the player can choose a play with another friend-player.If the player chooses to play against AI then the player can either play with the help of mouse clicks or voice commands.The player can either flip the board each time( the player plays)if the player opts to play against the friend player, or doesn't flip each time the player gets the turn.




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