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Rajneesh Pachouri


In this paper introduces advanced contrast technology considering. The input images taken from remote Satellites are used in many applications but the images taken are not very enhanced and may contain blurry or less contrast. Despite the growing demand for better remote sensing pictures different methodology was proposed but they are not able to preserve the edge details and Saturation of high and low brightness images areas. Histogram equalization (HE) was the most familiar approach to raising the contrast in various applications. But cannot maintain the shape information and cannot preserve the average Image brightness, which may be lower or higher than the reprocessed image saturation. The suggested algorithm solves this type problem by using effective techniques used for enhanced satellite image contrast using the atomization resolution of atomization of dominant brightness level, ADT function and smoothing of boundary. Experimental results show, that the suggested method rise the contrast and the perspective of the local details that is improved than current techniques and retains poor image information. The advanced approach can definitely improve any depressed contrast images and maintain the edge contingent Purchased with a satellite camera and are also suitable for other imaging devices such as user digital cameras, and compression cameras.


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Rajneesh Pachouri, Computer Science& Engineering, Adina Institute of Science& Technolog, RGPV, Sagar, India

Computer Science& Engineering,
Adina Institute of Science& Technolog,
RGPV, Sagar, India



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