A Complete Design & Implementation of Replica Middleware Strategy in Dmanets

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Pankaj Kumar Verma
Dr. Vijay Lamba


Mobile Ad Hoc Network is an infrastructure less network where there is no need of any base station where Every node is responsible to handle the data & transmit the data. The world called dense Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs), i.e., limited spatial regions, such as shop-ping malls and airports, where a high number of mobile peers can separately cooperate without a statically deployed network infrastructure. This paper will provide the complete detailed study of Replica middleware strategy architecture [1] and all its functions and methods to manage, re-trieve, and distribute replicas of resources to cooperating nodes in a dense MANET. The guideline is to exploit high node population to enable hopeful lightweight resource replication capable of tolerating node exits/failures. In our paper we have adopted some original approximated solutions, exclusively designed for DMANET that have confirmed good scalability and limited overhead for DMD, for RD/RR, and for RLM.


Keywords: Replica Middleware, DMANET Design, Replica Monitor, J2ME, Replica DMANET Design & Implementation, Resource Delgate.


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