Application of Fuzzy Logic in Financial Markets for Decision Making

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Prof. T. Venkat Narayana Rao
Kushal Reddy


Lately, administrative uses of artificial intelligence, particularly in the field of financial services, have received significant consideration. In this paper, a fuzzy logic expert system is developed to analyze financial Markets. Intricate models have for quite some time been utilized as a part of financial management to evaluate instability. With the developing accessibility of computing resources, advanced methods, for example, stress testing, stochastic modeling or even stochastic on stochastic modeling utilized for hedging programs are progressively pervasive. While money related experts take a stab at a superior comprehension of hazard and utilize complex models for hazard evaluation in business sectors, many dangers are still not surely knew. Some stay obscure, and new dangers have risen. Numerous Financial hazard sorts still can't be broke down adequately utilizing traditional likelihood models. The absence of experience information and entrapped circumstances and end results connections make it hard to survey the level of presentation to certain money related hazard sorts.
KEY WORDS: Forecasting, fuzzy-logic, NIFTY, stock market, linguistic values.


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