Routing Optimization in Cloud Networks

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Deepa Mehta
Indu Kashyap
Sherin Zafar


The most predominant exigency of current cloud technology is to incorporate routing in an optimized manner. Routing when embodied efficiently is helpful in ameliorating the overall QOS of the cloud system. A cloud based network is distinctively marked by its capability of rendering a wireless connection between highly mobile nodes even in the absence of any predetermined infrastructure. In the absence of any framework cloud nodes function as routers transferring data through multiple hops. In comparison to all the routing protocols ZRP proves to be the best as it incorporates the advantages of both the proactive and reactive protocols. This paper studies the challenges faced by ZRP (Zone based Routing Protocol) and proposes an optimized approach for ZRP using shortest path selection technique. Energy efficiency is attained by eliminating all the other routes and replacing the routing table contents with only the shortest route to every destination, hence optimizing residual energy.

Keywords: Cloud Network, Routing, ZRP, Optimization.


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