An Empirical Comparison of Supervised Classifiers for Diabetic Diagnosis

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S. Jahangeer Sidiq
Dr. Majid Zaman
Mudasir Ashraf
Dr. Muheet Ahmed


The focus of this paper is on diagnosing the diabetes using different supervised machine learning classifiers such as Neural Networks, SVM, KNN, Naïve Bayes technique and Decision trees using holdout validation. The diabetic dataset classification is one of the research problems of machine learning research community. The pima Indian diabetes dataset which is available at [1] UCI machine learning repository has been used in all the experiments mentioned in this paper and MATLAB 2014 has been used to perform the experiments. Here we have mainly focus on the performance evaluation methods like accuracy, error rate, sensitivity, specificity, confusion matrix and AUC. Keywords: Diabetes, Diagnosis, Classification, Accuracy, Machine learning.


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