Towards Building smart toll tax collection system using Bluetooth LE Advertising

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Mukhtar Ahmad Sofi
Dr. M. Nandhini


There has been a growing interest, over the past few years, in the Internet of Things (IoT), cutting across various industries, ranging from public transport to academia etc. Since mobility has become one of the basic necessities, the number of motor vehicles is increasing day by day. Hence, traffic load has swelled on every road, especially in and around urban areas. Often, the roads reach their maximum capacity during peak hours resulting in traffic jams and longer travel time. In metropolises with a high number of vehicles, it becomes essential to manage traffic by using smart and fast traffic data collection systems in the control center. The latest release of Bluetooth 4.2, also called Bluetooth Smart, carries features like Bluetooth advertising making Bluetooth LE (BLE) a competitive candidate among different low-power communication technologies for the battery oriented devices in the IoT space. This paper suggests a smart toll tax collection system using BLE Advertising. The system supports security properties including secure authentication, unforgeability, automatic correct billing, privacy, remote monitoring and detection of stolen vehicles, and can prevent various road mishaps and crimes. Furthermore, it provides real-time traffic information e.g. travel-duration, traffic jams, dwell time at intersections, origin/destination analysis as well as traffic flows.

Keywords: advertising, BLE, IoT, mobility, RFID, toll tax


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