A Carrier Generated Self Phase Modulation Reliant Rof System Employing RSOA As Modulator For Upstream RAUs And Incorporating DCF, FBG For Dispersion Compensation

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Pargat Singh
Dr.Charanjit Singh


A long reach and pulse width reduced radio over fiber architecture based on self phase modulation is demonstrated for duplex communication to serve radio access units (RAUs). A duplex architecture that operated on rate of 1 Giga bits per second has been verified and deliberated on performance parameters. Utmost work is accomplished to broadcast data from central office (CO) to mobile base station over 40 Km SMF-28 and from base station (BS) to radio access units over the fiber stretch of 300m. Work is carried out to fulfill the demands of future generation high speed mobile communication systems that cater multiple RAUs at prolonged distances. Pulse width reduction efficiency is scrutinized for dispersion compensation fiber and fiber brag gratings in the proposed architecture. A well-known characteristic of reflective semiconductor optical amplifier is pressed into service to deliver data speed and cost effective systems. Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) serves the upstream radio access units and minimizes the cost of ROF system.
Keywords: Pulse width reduction (PWR), Base Station (BS), Millimeter waves (mm-waves), Dispersion compensation fiber (DCF), Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG)


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