Enhanced perimeter routing under greedy approach for energy efficiency

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Neha Neha
Dr. Jogishwar Singh Sohal


Parameter based routing is becoming an advantageous technique over topological based routing due to enhancement in energy constraint. This paper has focus on reliable positioning of nodes based on grid network architecture to handle the traffic congestion with the help of energy model. This enhanced greedy approach take decisions regarding route forwarding through perimeter region. This work has aim to evaluate the performance with high mobility quality in the network. Our work has focused on the varying effects of network parameters set at different conditions such as packet throughput ratio, speed, average throughput in kbps, delay tolerance, data load in packets per second and region coverage. The simulation results indicate that the packet throughput ratio of enhanced greedy approach has improved by 10% over greedy approach in the presence of 40% of malicious nodes in the wireless network. Our aim is also to make the enhanced perimeter routing more balance to prolong the network life time.

Keywords: routing; energy model; mobility; throughput; wireless network


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