A Novel Approach for Design of Ontology Based Clinical Decision Support System

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Dr. Nitesh Vyas
Dr. Kshama Paithankar
Someshwar Joshi


Ontologies are becoming increasingly prevalent and important in a wide range of medical applications. Medical applications are using ontologies for decision making. In Medical system collecting data is extremely important for growth and change. Analyzing data resulting from your unit outcomes, discovering strategies to tackle the issue, and formulating a plan for improvement will assist you in making better clinical decisions. Medical data is one of the most crucial data to be processed for decision making. Decision making systems of such kind is fully automatic take the benefit of knowledge engineering-based architectures. Medical time series contain important information about the condition of a patient. However, due to the large amount of data and the staff shortage, it is difficult for physicians to monitor these time series for trends that suggest a relevant clinical detoriation due to a complication or new pathology.

Keywords: Diabetic disease, Malaria Disease, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Engineering, Ontology Engineering


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