A Study of Research Issues in Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling

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Savita Kumari Sheoran
Kirty Kirty


Job shop Scheduling is classical combinational optimization technique generally used in manufacturing environment. The state of art of available for this technique was limited to static approach with single machine production shop only. But most the real world is dynamic where changes happen unexpectedly, which require dynamic job shop scheduling. One of the specific feature of dynamic job shop scheduling (DJSSS) is most of the problems are NP-hard and hence depends on approximation to optimize in computational times. This research paper will study the dynamic job shop scheduling for available scope research in this area. A specific research problem of immediate interested is formulated and objectives are set forth to solve it. Such solution will pave a way for experimental implementation of job shop scheduling technique in multi machine dynamic job shop.
Keywords: Job shop scheduling, dynamic scheduling, ant colony optimization, task optimization.


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