Visualization of Performance of Interpolation Search in Worst Case in Personal Computer using Polynomial Curve Fitting

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Dipankar Das
Arijit Chakraborty
Madhurima Banerjee


It is a well known fact that, in this modern era, the data visualization has become very important in almost all the areas of human life including science and technology. In this paper, we have made an attempt to visualize the behaviour of interpolation search by measuring its time in worst case for a varying size of equi – interval sets of data in a personal computer (desktop) using polynomial curve fitting technique. It has been observed that in the worst case this search technique behaviourally does not fit to any particular polynomial model i.e. polynomial model of a particular degree for the varying size of equi – interval sets of data. In this paper, the researchers have also shown the smooth spline curves passing through the predicted values obtained by using the best fit polynomial models for the varying size of equi – interval sets of data.

Keywords: Interpolation search; Polynomial curve fitting; AIC; BIC; spline


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