A Study and Analysis of Land Use Classification using Geographical Information System

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Tejas Satishbhai Mehta
Dr. Dhaval R. Kathiriya


Land use and land cover knowledge has become very important for country to overcome the problems of uncontrolled development, environmental quality, decreases in agricultural lands and destruction of wetlands. A “geographic information system†(GIS) is a computer-based tool used to create, manipulate, analyze, store and display information based on its location. Geographic Information Systems are very helpful in agricultural application. Knowledge of current land use is essential to support analysis and management of land, vegetation, water resources and quality, and the maintenance of biodiversity. This study focuses on to store and integrates data for GIS study. This was done for Land Usage Statistics of Gujarat state districts. Spatial analysis methods and statistical methods were performed on the data.

Keywords: Geographical Information System, GIS, Land Usage, agriculture, Analysis


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