Cloud Storage Data Deduplication with Encryption

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Aruna A S
Deepthi K


Cloud storage is a remote storage service, where users can upload and download their data anytime and anywhere. Data duplication, data leakage, space consumption are the main issues of cloud storage. During the time of uploading data is converted into binary data, using AES algorithm cipher text is formed it is stored in cloud .Using MD5 algorithm we create a hash value and it is stored in hash table. Parallel to this plagiarism is running, it involves content checking. From the different methods of plagiarism, syntactic based method is used here. Syntactic-based methods do not consider the meaning of words, phrases, or sentence. Content checking is performed to eliminate duplicate cipher text, here a threshold value is set, if contents similarity is smaller than threshold value user opinion is asked to upload the data. Here data compression is performed at the time of uploading data to cloud and this is done to reduce the amount of storage space. The plagiarism and compression techniques avoids the unwanted usage of memory. This method provides better security for data. User can download data as needed.

Keywords: Deduplication, cloud storage, plagiarism, port stemmer


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