A mathematical model for performance of Proton exchange membrane fuel cell as a nonlinear voltage processes

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Arvind Sharma
A. K. Nagar


A mathematical model for analysis of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell is proposed. The PEMFC is mainly composed of membrane, gas diffusion layer, bipolar plates, micro porous layer and catalyst layer. The proposed model is simulated in the MATLAB environment and studied the effects of thickness of membrane, gas diffusion layer and catalyst layer on the performance of the PEM fuel cell. Theoretical model shows that the performance of PEM fuel cell improves as thickness is scaling down towards nanoscale. The model has been validated with the experimental results trends and comparisons shows there is good agreement between the experimental data trends and the proposed model.

Keywords:-Proton exchange membrane fuel cell, Membrane, Gas diffusion layer, Catalyst layer, Performance of the PEM fuel cell.


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